About me

My work has been constantly inspired by politics, gender equality and the media.

When I was 3 years old I wanted to become a forester, at 11 an architect, by 14 I wanted to attend political science or become an actress.
I became a vegetarian, aesthetic, politically aware theatre director, performance practitioner and multimedia artist.

I live in London with my two kids (a 12 year-old boy with a big passion for numbers and a 9 year-old anarchist) and my partner.
In my spare time I take lots of pictures.

I am currently a SGSAH-AHRC-funded PhD student at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Strathclyde, with a project that aims to analyse Italian right-wing terrorism and its commemorations through a performative lens.


Cut Moose is a new charity founded by puppeteer Helen Ainsworth and myself. The collaboration is dedicated to creating thought provoking theatre that is visually stimulating, essentially entertaining and often surreal.

Ursa Maior Teatro

Ursa Maior is a professional theatre group I founded in 2002 to weave new languages and new forms of expression, to experiment new relations between space, words and body.

Over the years, Ursa Maior projects have been supported by the National Agency of the European Union, the Committee for Equal Opportunities of Padua University, Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation of Berlin, Women Centre of Bologna, Bologna Bookfair for children, Italian Cultural Institute of London.