Irene Ros

Theatre and Performance Practitioner

Fuori Programma Research

Fuori Programma [Unscheduled or Off Plan] is the first creative outcome of the AHRC-SGSAH-funded PhD project “Performing Stragismo and Counter-spectacularisation: Italian right-wing Terrorism and Its Legacies”.

Fuori Programma is a 10-minute moving image work that broadcasts the memories of a group of Italian women. Through a participatory practice - in progress - that has included, so far, video-recorded conversations, over Zoom, with 18 participants, the project encompasses the under-represented narratives of women who were young adults in the Seventies and who belong to the majority of the population, i.e. people who were not involved in Italian political violence.

Separately interviewed, the women’s contributions are edited in a conversation that gives a visually entertaining and moving insight into an important chapter of Italian history from an often unheard perspective.

Fuori Programma opens a conversation about the multi-faceted nature of history as an ensemble of ordinary people’s personal narratives and challenges the idea of knowledge as an expert’s product while recognising that memory can be unreliable and influenced by the media or by other people’s narratives.

Screened at:

Being Human Festival, Scottish Oral History Centre, Glasgow, 19 November 2021
ConnectFest, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, 14 June 2022